Our Technology

Improve your mortgage and title operations' efficiency, accuracy, and quality with Royal Title Services interactive web-based platforms. The end-to-end process starting from receipt of orders from you by our admins to gathering data and information by our agents and submitting the comprehensive report is automated. Thus, eliminating errors caused due to manual entry.

The user-friendly portal simplifies the process of placing orders and uploading data. The dashboard provides you with visibility to the workflow and the ability to track, interrupt whenever and wherever necessary, and send instructions to our teams. The robust security protocols built into the system ensure the safety of your data. The flexible platform can customize reports to your requirements.

• Scale Up Your Mortgage and Title Operations through Automation

• An interactive platform that gives you control over the processes

• You will have enhanced transparency and visibility to the workflow

• Renders the highest accuracy to your reports as it is an automated process

• You can track and interrupt at any stage of the operation

• Your data is safe with us as we follow information security systems of the highest standards

• Automation improves your turnaround times

• Customizable and scalable to your requirements

• Continuously supporting your business operations even during unprecedented situations with our quick back-up support

• Enables you to make quick decisions with the easy-to-read reports generated by the platform

• Retrieval of documents in the future is quicker due to auto-indexing and stacking